Check Wi-Fi connectivity if “Siri” commands are not working.

1. Within Bluetooth range and line of sight of the Premis lock, check that Siri is able to lock/unlock using the command: “Siri, lock or unlock the front door.”

2. If Siri commands are only working within Bluetooth range but not remotely, check the following:

a. Check that the hardware versions of Apple TV (4th Gen or later), HomePod(1st Gen or later), or iPad (4 or later) supports HomeKit.
b. Confirm that Apple TV is running on tvOS 10.2 or later and iPad 4 is using iOS 10.3 or later)
c. Apple TV, HomePod, or iPad need to be in Bluetooth range and line of sight to the Premis lock.
d. Check that both Premis lock and hub (Apple TV, HomePod, iPad) is connected to the same Wi-Fi network and using the same Apple ID.


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